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The heart of BTS manufacturing capability is its Siemens Siplace SMD line. BTS has invested in two CS modules and one CF module which were developed by Siemens especially for use in flexible, high-mix manufacturing environments involving variable lot sizes and quick product changeovers. Our SMT technician was trained both at Siemens in Munich and our sister company Dumps Electronic in Germany.


Component Range: 0201 to 55 x 55 mm

Placement Performance: 29,000 cph

Accuracy: Max. 38 μm at 3 sigma

Feeders capacity: e.g. 236 tapes (8 mm)


Following SMT assembly, the boards enter our SMT Quattro Peak C3.5 N² reflow soldering oven which can be configured for both lead free and leaded assemblies. The 7 zone oven (4 x pre-heating, 2 x peak, 1 x cooling zone) ensure complete control of the temperature curve.  Our oven is profile tested weekly.